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peach – earl gray – strawberry


“Ethihiopian heriloom” is a general term commonly used to name coffees originating from Ethiopia.


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Pour over

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Sidama / Bensa / Arbegona Village

Asefa Dukamo Korma



1600–2200 m. above sea level


Pour over

The origin of this coffee



In 2022, a small village in the Arbegona district of Ethiopia made a name for itself when their naturally processed coffee called 74158 won first place in the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition.
The village is located in the high hills of Sidama Bensa, where conditions are ideal for growing excellent coffee. The local farmers, some 500-750 people, each with a plot of one to two hectares, use traditional farming methods. As a result, their coffee is organic. The favourable climate and healthy soil make the coffee fruit sweeter. In addition, careful harvesting by hand removes any imperfections.


“Ethihiopian heriloom” is a general term commonly used to name coffees originating from Ethiopia.
It includes two classifications: the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) varieties and the regional varieties found within Ethiopia. JARC varieties were developed and marketed to improve the productivity and livelihoods of smallholder coffee farmers and to revitalise the country’s coffee industry. These varieties are promoted and grown for their hihh quality (when grown at recommended heights), resistance or tolerance to adverse conditions and adaptability to diverse environmental conditions. There are more than 40 JARC varieties, consisting mainly of pure lines and a few hybrids. Meanwhile, regional local varieties are those that reproduce in the wild, without regulated interventions.




This coffee is processed using the natural method. The ripe coffee cherries are harvested by hand and sorted (sorted) to get rid of any impurities and defects.
The cleaned fruits are then dried in the sun on so-called ‘African beds’, which are elevated structures. The fruit is placed in even layers and mixed every 30 minutes for even drying. This is done by women who are traditionally involved in coffee cultivation in Africa. Drying takes 15 to 18 days until the target moisture level is reached. Thanks to the traditional, natural process, the character of this coffee has been geared more towards bringing out the natural sweetness, balanced by subtle acidity, ripe stone fruits flavors and delicate tea notes.

How does Aga brew this coffee?

Brewing method for this coffe
Ikona Metody parzenia Pour Over
Pour over

This is a method for those who like to celebrate the brewing process of coffee. You use a special kettle with a long spout and a paper filter. First, you pour a little water over the coffee so that it let off the gas – this is called blooming. Then, slowly pouring in the rest of the water, you let the coffee drip straight into the cup. It’s kind of a drip method for coffee. It gives you complete control over the flavour – from light and floral to strong and pronounced.


Brewing method:

Clever Dripper

Coffee dose:


Grind setting:

Slightly bigger than brown sugar crystals (27-28 comandante clicks)



Water temperature:


Recommended brewing time:

2:45 min + drop time 30/40 sec.


  1.  Prepare: vessel to which you will be brewing coffee  (can be server, jug or a mug)  , scale, paper filter, clever dripper.

  2. Grind 31 g of coffee.

  3. Put paper filter into clever dripper.

  4. Add coffee to clever and add 500ml of 94C water. Start the timer when you start pouring water.

  5. When timer shows 2:45 put clever on server/jug.

  6. When whole coffee will be released from clever, put it aside and enjoy the coffee.

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