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grape – berries – nougat


Here’s a fantastic example of a sweet coffee from Africa, naturally processed. It’s berry-like and juicy. A reliable companion for every morning.


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Pour over

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Gisheke Station

Red Bourbon


1500-1750 m. above sea level


Pour over

The origin of this coffee



Gisheke lies between two steep hills, with a beautiful view of Lake Kivu, Idjwi Island and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The proximity to the lake makes the winds there ideal for drying naturally processed coffees.
The farm underwent a major upgrade after being purchased in 2017 and is now producing great coffee. Muraho Trading, was founded by two brothers who have the ambition to show the world what Rwandan coffee has to offer. Fruits are hand-sorted and dipped in water to eliminate those that are unripe or damaged. Then laid out on what are known as “African beds” – or elevated structures to dry the coffee, where the wind from the Kivu is constantly blowing. Fruits are rotated regularly throughout the month and covered overnight. Once dried, the skin and pulp are removed, at which point the coffee is ready for transport.


Bourbon yields relatively low and is susceptible to the main coffee diseases. In the early 18th century, French missionaries brought Bourbon from Yemen to the island of Bourbon (now La Réunion) – giving it its present name.
Bourbon did not leave the island until the mid-19th century. But then the variety spread to different parts of the world as missionaries began to settle in Africa and the Americas. The Bourbon variety was brought to Brazil around 1860. And from there it quickly spread north to other parts of South and Central America, where it is still grown today. Here it was crossed with other Bourbon-related varieties imported from India, as well as Ethiopian local varieties. Today, there are many Bourbon-like varieties in East Africa, but none exactly match the distinct Bourbon variety found in Latin America.




This is the classic natural processing method. The ripe fruit is dried whole, usually on terraces, in drying machines or even on the bare ground. This allows the coffee cherries to ferment naturally surrounded by their ‘mates’.
The fruits are turned regularly to reduce the risk of defects and ensure even drying. When they resemble sultanas, it means they have reached their target moisture content and the coffee can go to the dry mill, where it is hulled and re-sorted.

How does Aga brew this coffee?

Brewing method for this coffe
Ikona Metody parzenia Pour Over
Pour over

This is a method for those who like to celebrate the brewing process of coffee. You use a special kettle with a long spout and a paper filter. First, you pour a little water over the coffee so that it let off the gas – this is called blooming. Then, slowly pouring in the rest of the water, you let the coffee drip straight into the cup. It’s kind of a drip method for coffee. It gives you complete control over the flavour – from light and floral to strong and pronounced.


Brewing method:

Clever Dripper

Coffee dose:


Grind setting:

Slightly bigger than brown sugar crystals (27-28 comandante clicks)



Water temperature:


Recommended brewing time:

2:45 min + drop time 30/40 sec.


  1.  Prepare: vessel to which you will be brewing coffee  (can be server, jug or a mug)  , scale, paper filter, clever dripper.

  2. Grind 31 g of coffee.

  3. Put paper filter into clever dripper.

  4. Add coffee to clever and add 500ml of 94C water. Start the timer when you start pouring water.

  5. When timer shows 2:45 put clever on server/jug.

  6. When whole coffee will be released from clever, put it aside and enjoy the coffee.

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