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peach – melon – honey – dark grape


Blend created by famous Winton Benitez. At first sight it is mix of deliciousness – complex and rich varietals in one bag. This is the coffee that will surprise you with every brew as it will show different side each time and rich flavors.


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Processing method

Dry Fermentation 36h

Brewing method

Pour over

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Granja Paraíso 92 - Winton Benitez

Geisha 30% - Pink Bourbon 20% - Castillo 20% - Java20% - SL28 10%

Dry Fermentation 36h

1800-2000 m. above sea level



The origin of this coffee



Wilton Benitez is a Colombian coffee expert with over 12 years of experience growing some of the rarest coffee varieties. He owns three plantations in Piendamo – Cauca, set between 1800 to 2100 meters above sea level.
The largest, La Macarena, spans 75 hectares, Las Brisas covers 22 hectares, and the smallest, Granja Paraiso 92, is just 5 hectares. Wilton grew up on a coffee farm where he began his coffee journey, exploring how fermentation affects coffee’s flavor, drawing inspiration from wine, beer, and cheese production. This led him to develop his unique coffee processing methods.


A blend of five Arabicas: Geisha 30% – Pink Bourbon 20% – Castillo 20% – Java20% – SL28 10%




This blend undergoes dry processing. This means that the whole coffee fruit is dried, after being rinsed and imperfections and impurities separated.
It is worth knowing that fermentation, known as dry or natural fermentation, also occurs during this process. In contrast to washed processing, where the fruit is first depulped. Here, the coffee fruit is left intact, spread out on patios or special elevated structures, where it naturally ferments in the sun. For this coffee, the drying process takes place in mechanical dryers for greater control and efficiency of the process.

How does Aga brew this coffee?

Brewing method for this coffe
Ikona aeropress

It’s such a cool little invention that looks a bit like a giant syringe. You use it to brew coffee quickly under low pressure. You put in ground coffee, pour in hot water, stir, and then push it through the filter by pressing the plunger. The result? Strong and tasty coffee, a bit like espresso but less bitter. The plus side is that you can play around with proportions and brewing times, so every coffee can be different


Brewing method:


Coffee dose:


Grind setting:

should be similar to fine baking sugar (22 comandante clicks)



Water temperature:


Recommended brewing time:



  1. Prepare a vessel to which you will brew your coffee (I recommend something solid, like metal jug – so it will for sure survive the press), scale, paper filter and aeropress.       
  2. Grind 19 grams of coffee
  3. Prepare aeropress (both pieces attached to each other in “invert” position (upside down)
  4. Add 100g of water to the aeropress and add coffee. Now start the timer and stir coffee and water (make sure all grounds are wet)
  5. add remaining 110g of water and stir again.
  6. Add paper filter to basket and attach it to aeropress 
  7. when timer shows 1:15min, turn the aeropress on chosen vessel and start pressing
  8. press until the end, when you hear “pssss”. Put Aeropres aside and enjoy the coffee.

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