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Green Apple – Dark Chocolate – Cane Sugar


This coffee from the Acatenango region is a solid representation of Guatemalan coffee. With excellent balance and a pleasant texture in both – as a pour-over and espresso.


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Brewing method

Pour over

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Monte Verde



1450-1700 m. above sea level


pour over

The origin of this coffee



In the Acatenango valley, coffee grows in the dense shade at elevations up to 2000 meters. Constant eruptions from the nearby volcano enrich the soil with minerals, adding a unique flavor to the coffee.
Gentle Pacific breezes and specific seasonal conditions allow the beans to sun-dry. Monte Verde Farm, located in Guatemala with a view of the spectacular El Fuego volcano, has been owned by the Meléndez family for over 80 years. Today, Roxana and Mariela Meléndez, the fourth generation of coffee producers, run the farm.


Bourbon is a cool coffee variety that many love for its rich and sweet flavor.
 It originally comes from the French island of Réunion and is one of the main types used to cultivate other coffee varieties. If you’re looking for a high-quality coffee, Bourbon is a great choice. It offers a clean, pleasantly balanced cup – sweet, fruity, and with a round body.




Today, finding coffee from pure washed processing is a challenge. At Monte Verde coffee fruits are carefully harvested by hand and transported to the wet mill to remove the pulp.
Here fruits are weighed, washed and subjected to a first sorting for quality. The whole coffee fruits are then passed through a depulper. This machine squeezes the beans out of the hard, cherry-like skin. This pulp removal process takes place as soon as possible. Usually within eight to twelve hours after harvesting. The sticky grains are then usually transferred to the fermentation tank. After about twelve to eighteen hours of fermentation, the actual washing begins. The producer first makes sure that the mucilage on the beans has sufficiently fermented, then fills the tank with fresh water to immerse the coffee in. Stirring the beans in the water removes the mucilage, leaving the coffee clean in parchment, ready for drying. Drying takes about seven to eleven days, depending on the weather.

How does Aga brew this coffee?

Brewing method for this coffe
Ikona Metody parzenia Pour Over
Pour over

This is a method for those who like to celebrate the brewing process of coffee. You use a special kettle with a long spout and a paper filter. First, you pour a little water over the coffee so that it let off the gas – this is called blooming. Then, slowly pouring in the rest of the water, you let the coffee drip straight into the cup. It’s kind of a drip method for coffee. It gives you complete control over the flavour – from light and floral to strong and pronounced.


Metoda parzenia:

CLEVER dripper

Doza kawy:


Stopień zmielenia:

Jak kryształki cukru trzcinowego (25-27 klików na comandante).



Temperatura wody:


Rekomendowany czas parzenia:

3:00 + czas spadania ok 30/40sek


  1. Przygotuj – naczynie do którego zaparzysz kawę (polecamy serwer lub dzbanek), wagę, papierowy filtr, clever dripper.

  2. Zmiel 32g kawy

  3. Włóż papierowy filtr do Clevera

  4. Wsyp kawę do clevera i zalej wodą o temp 94st. Gdy zaczniesz zalewać włącz stoper

  5. Po upływie 3:00 min postaw clever na serwerze

  6. Jak cała kawa przefiltruje się – odstaw clever i delektuj się kawą

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