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Your homemade coffee not quite hitting the spot like the café vibes?

I’ve created a free course on alternative coffee brewing methods that’ll transform your beans into something delish!

Craving that killer café-style coffee at home but can't seem to nail it?

You might have already experienced:

Ikona kawy wysypywanej do kosza na śmieci
Wasting pricey beans

that didn’t taste right and felt like something was missing.

Buying loads of gear

that now just collects dust on the shelf, bringing on that annoying guilt…

Ikona laboratorium chemicznego
Experiments with various recipes

and feeling bummed because it didn’t turn out as great as at your local café…

My free course will take you from brewing bloopers and frustration
to pure joy in coffee brewing.

What you’ll learn from me:

How to pick the right brewer.

I’ll discuss 3 types, show the differences, and help you choose the best gear for yourself.

Common brewing mistakes to avoid.

You’ll learn how to get the proportions right, why the right water matters, and how to choose the grind size.

How to select beans and tailor your brewing method.

We’ll get hands-on. Brew 3 different coffees in 3 different ways. I’ll share my recipes.

What you get:

Over 45 minutes of video course

Whether you’re a newbie coffee enthusiast or an experienced home barista, this course will arm you with the essential knowledge and skills to take your coffee experiences to a whole new level.

And there are bonuses:

Ikona owcy czytającej słowniczek baristy w formie otwartej książki
A handy barista glossary

Perfect for beginners to quickly master the language of baristas, and for the pros as a practical compendium of coffee vocabulary. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to grab this useful free bonus.

Audio material

From brewing techniques demos to advanced tips, our video and audio materials are a perfect complement to your coffee education. Learn and grow with me, wherever you are and whenever you want, at your own pace.

No worries about my creds 🙂

Since 2008, I’ve participated in numerous barista competitions worldwide. Did I always win? Nah 🙂 but the list is pretty long.

and many more…

Now, I’m mainly focused on curating delicious coffees under the Sheep and Raven brand. I also run a showroom in Warsaw, advising clients on choosing beans and brewing methods. I offer training and expert consultations for businesses, coach competitors, and.. yep, I still compete 🙂

With my championship wins, I’ve built relationships with producers of exceptional coffees worldwide. However, during the competitions, I brewed these coffees only for a narrow group of judges. I wanted to share my taste and experiences with people who simply love delicious coffee. So, I’m trying to realize my big project – a coffee roastery-café and coffee agritourism in Lower Silesia, where coffee will flow from dawn till dusk.

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Reviews of the course

Kawei to absolutna rewelacja! Niezależnie od tego, czy jestem w ciągu dnia w pracy czy podczas weekendowych wyjazdów.