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Who's Aga Rojewska?

I’m one of the most decorated baristas in the world, holding titles: World Barista Champion 2018 and Coffee in Good Spirits Cahmpion 2022.

Besides, I’m a hunter of delicious beans. I personally select coffees that I’m sure you’ll dig.

My wins in prestigious barista contests

Currently, I rock 14 Polish Barista Champion titles. Since 2008, I’ve competed in numerous international barista contests. Did I always win? Nope 🙂 but the list is pretty long:

and many more…

Ikona kawy, widoczne ziarna, filiżanka pełna kawy i dzbanek

How did it all start?

Actually, a lot in my life is a happy accident. My dad “kicked me out” to get a job to keep me and my brother busy during the summer.

I landed a gig at a coffee shop chain at the Poznan train station and… ended up sticking around way longer because the crew there was totally infected with the coffee bug, and they got me hooked. From there, things just rolled. I opened my own cafe (rumored to be iconic) and started competing seriously. The real game changer was winning the World Barista Championship title in 2018, also as the first woman in the world.

Does Aga Rojewska's life revolve entirely around coffee?

Nope. Coffee is a big part of my professional life, but privately I try to spend time on other things.

I’m a fan of Bake Off, Marvel movies, Juventus, and Roger Federer. I love sports and do some recreational running. I dream of having two dogs and moving to the countryside.

Piłka nożna, ciasta i bieganie, sport - zajawki Agnieszki Rojewskiej

What am I focusing on now?

Right now, I’m mainly focusing on selecting delicious coffees under the brand Sheep and Raven. I also run a showroom in Warsaw, where I advise customers on choosing beans and brewing methods.

Sometimes I conduct trainings and expert consultations for companies. I coach competitors and.. still compete myself 🙂 And of course, I’m trying to realize my big project of a coffee paradise in Lower Silesia, a combo of a coffee roastery-cafe and coffee agritourism, where coffee will flow from dawn to dusk.

Ikona worka kawy z ziarnami

Why a roastery?

Thanks to my championship wins, I’ve built relationships with producers of unique coffees from around the world. However, during competitions, I brewed these coffees only for a narrow group of judges. I wanted to share my taste and experiences with people who simply love delicious coffee. Naturally, this led to the roastery project.

Of course, the starting point is specialty coffees, the highest quality. There are also unusual, interesting, and spunky beans that don’t easily fit into clear categories.

Owca i Kruk

Why Sheep
and Raven?

Specialty coffee is about diversity – unique, sometimes opposing forces that attract.

I like short comics and was looking for characters that could accompany me and you. Sheep and Raven visually represent different personalities, tastes, and habits. Sometimes we’re all a bit like a crazy, frolicky sheep, and sometimes like a methodical, orderly raven. Plus… my surname isn’t exactly media-friendly…

What coffees do we offer?

If I had to sum it up in one sentence: These are coffees that just taste good to me.

I’m a foodie, or simply a glutton, and I always look for something tasty and new in coffees. I’ve set a goal not to introduce a coffee that I wouldn’t enjoy drinking myself. Is it easy to find such coffees? Not necessarily, but I have quite a bit of experience now. Competing has opened me up to different flavors and methods of brewing beans, so everyone can find something for themselves in the world of Sheep and Raven.

Alright, but what kind of coffees does Sheep and Raven sell?

What you'll find in the Sheep and Raven shop can be split into 4 main categories, making it easier to navigate through the flavor profiles.

Not sure what to pick? I'll help you out!

Who roasts Sheep and Raven coffees? Where is the Sheep and Raven roastery?

The plan is ambitious, and the roastery will be located in a small village in Lower Silesia in a historic barn.

There will also be a small cafe where I want to brew coffee my way again, plus a patch of green with deck chairs and a mountain view, but for now, the renovation is still going on 🙂

So currently, our coffees for Sheep and Raven are roasted by our friend Felix Teiretzbacher – founder of Kaffeelix in St. Pölten, Austria, and also the World Roasting Champion 2022 – so the beans are in good hands.

What is the Sheep and Raven showroom?

The showroom is a stationary store for Sheep and Raven located in Warsaw.

It serves as a kind of temporary command center for Sheep and Raven. Its decor connects with elements and the atmosphere of what will be seen in the roastery in Lower Silesia.

What can you do in the showroom?

Ikona wysokiej jakości kaw
First off, you can buy coffee beans.

All the coffees from our selection are available, except for the White Raven category, which is roasted only on order.

Zdjęcie profilowe Agnieszki Rojewskiej, na jedyn ramieniu siedzi czarny kruk, a na drugim biała owca
Second, you can meet Aga Rojewska there.

I'd love to help you pick out a coffee and advise how to brew it.

Where is the showroom?

Showroom Sheep and Raven

ul. Siedmiogrodzka 3/u8, 01-204 Warszawa

When is it open?

In somewhat unusual hours, but you'll always make it after work 🙂

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Saturday:from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Tuesday, Sunday: closed

I travel quite a bit, including searching for new coffees and inspiration. So, it happens that I have to close the showroom for a few days. The most current information about opening hours is always on Google Maps. All sudden changes are also announced on the stories on Instagram @sheepandraven.