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What kind of coffee are you looking for?

Compeating opened me up to diffrent flavours and brewing methods. That’s why I hunt for various coffee profiles both for espresso and pour-overs, that would meet your taste.

My coffees are divided into four categories: white raven, black raven, white sheep, black sheep. These humorous characters will be your guides in finding something delicious in my coffee universe.

Don't know what to pick? I will help you!

Aga's picks

I have something yummy for you! I can drink these coffees on repeat. Select a coffee bag from your favourite line: white raven, black raven, white sheep or black sheep – you won’t be dissapointed.

I created a free course about alternative brewing methods. With the help of it you will transform your precious beans into something delicious.

Few words about me

Hi! My name is Aga Rojewska.

I am one of the most decorated baristas in the world: World Barista Champion of 2018 and World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion of 2022. I started out in popular coffee chain and later opened my own coffee shop.

I lead many coffee courses and visited coffee roastries in the whole world. In private, I’m the biggest fan of Bake Off, The Marvel Universum, Juventus and Roger Federer. I love sports. I dream of having dwo dogs and running away to the country side.

Compeating has opened me to different flavours and methods of brewing so everyone will find a perfect coffee here.

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