Agnieszka Rojewska z Owcą i Krukiem

Hi! Let yourself go and explore the world of SHEEP&RAVEN

A specialty coffee roastery created by the World Barista Champion and World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion.

I started the coffee roastery, Sheep and Raven, because I wanted to share my experience and taste preferences that I gained during my long journey in the world of coffee. Here, you will be able to find the same exact coffees that I would drink everyday. Competing in championships opened me up to different flavors and methods of brewing coffee beans, so every one of you can easily find something for themselves.

Are you curious about what you can find in my beans?

Our dear sheep and raven will be your guides that will be happy to help you when searching for something tasty in my small coffee universe. Let them lead you!

biała owca,white sheep

white sheep

pleasant coffees for the lovers of milk beverages and timeless flavors. Sweet, solid, balanced and with classic notes of chocolate, caramel and candied fruits.

czarny kruk,black raven

black raven

everyday coffees for those who want to explore new fruity and floral flavors. Fresh, juicy and refreshing.

czarna owca,black sheep

black sheep

unusual, edgy coffees. Starting from everything that’s funky, ending with many times overlooked origins (such as Indonesia).

biały kruk,white raven

white raven

coffees for the most demanding (even spoiled) enthusiasts that with no problem could appear on the Polish coffee competitions.

So maybe I’ll tell you a bit about myself!

I’m one of the most titled baristas in the world: World Barista Champion of 2018 and World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion of 2022 (more about that in the FAQ). I started out in a popular café chain and later opened my own coffee shop.

I ran several courses about coffee and visited roasteries all over the world. Behind the scenes, I’m the biggest fan of the Bake Off, Marvel films, Juventus and Roger Federer. I love sports. I dream of having two dogs and running away to the countryside.

Agnieszka Rojewska z nagrodą